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Our Baby Girl Went to Be With Jesus

prenatal ultrasound image
Photo Credit: Nichole Hagin

After a few years of trying, my husband and I were expecting our first baby, due May of 2023.

We were having a baby girl.

At 29 weeks pregnant, while at a routine appointment, the doctor couldn't find her heartbeat. That's when we learned our baby girl went to be with Jesus.

She was born on February 25, which was the same day we planned to have my baby shower.

This journey we've found ourselves on hasn't been what we expected, and it definitely has not been easy.

My husband and I both agree that our daughter will never be replaced, but we are ready to begin our journey toward Baby Number Two.

I know God loves us and has a plan, but all of this does bring with it a lot of scary and negative thoughts.

I am hoping for help and support from those who have been where I am now.

Thank you, Nichole Hagin, for sharing your story. Shared with permission.

Losing a child is the most heartbreaking thing a parent can experience. Loved Baby is a beautiful resource to help grieving parents of faith through their darkest days. Pregnancy AFTER loss can also be disorienting. Courageously Expecting is an empathetic and encouraging companion for those who are pregnant after losing a baby.

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