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Our Son Was Born Into Happiness With the Lord

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Photo by Andrea Harris

On July 12, 2020, at 4:00 p.m., our lives changed forever. Our second beautiful son, Jayce Lincoln Harris, was born into happiness and is with our Lord and Savior.

This is something no one ever expects to happen, but it happened to us at 35 weeks. We have taken some time to heal and grieve our loss, but now is the time to help others heal.

During this experience we can truly say that our faith has grown. We continue to look at the positives in life and in his life. The peace we have from seeing and holding Jayce is what we needed in that time. No one likes to talk about things like this but we want to because we want to help others heal and find their strength in their faith during a time of extreme sadness.

Through our greatest trials comes our greatest strength. The strength my husband and I had that weekend and still have to this day is nothing but a testimony to our faith and our trust in God. We know he has a plan and we trust his plan.

We are not mad at God and we will choose to rejoice in Jayce’s name and make a legacy for him. His name means Healer or the Lord is Salvation, and I truly believe that he will heal many and already has.

Throughout this process I can tell you our faith has never wavered. We remained strong not only for ourselves, but for Jaxon, our 7-year-old, who was so looking forward to being a big brother.

Photo by Andrea Harris

The power in prayer and in faith is unmatchable and our power is relentless. I want to send a special thank you to the nurses and my doctor who were with us. They held our hands and prayed with us. I’m truly grateful for them and I can only hope that other families that have to go through the same thing are blessed with amazing doctors and nurses by their sides.

For the prayers that have already been said and for those that are to come, we thank you as a family. We will remain strong and steadfast in our faith. If anyone has experienced anything like this and needs to reach out please do, know that you are not alone in this and we can all get through our season together.

To our beautiful son Jayce: Mom, dad and your wonderful big brother will make you proud in every way, and will live out your name to help others, which is what you would want. ️

Thank you Andrea Harris for sharing your story. Shared with permission.

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