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Until We Meet Again, Baby Boy

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Photo by Jennifer Taylor

Just short of 20 weeks pregnant, our world was crushed when we found out our precious baby had a fatal condition that was deemed "incompatible with life."

We were told to prepare for his heart to stop in the next week or two.

We went in weekly to check for heart tones. Our sweet baby fought much longer than anyone anticipated.

Once we neared the 30+ week mark, we were still anticipating his heart to stop, but also told to prepare for a possible term birth, one in which he would not likely survive through.

At 34 weeks, I began constant contractions that lasted for 48 hours. Our precious baby boy was born alive and lived for 31 beautiful minutes. We got to hear his amazing cry, and he opened his eyes while being held by mom. While we would give anything in the world to have him here with us, we are so proud and blessed that he was such a strong fighter and determined enough to meet us, against all odds. Until we meet again.

Thank you @jenniferp1387 for sharing your story. Shared with permission.

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