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This Is Bereaved Mother's Day

Photo Credit: Dana Romano

Today, my oldest son woke up and asked me if it was Mother's Day.

I told him it was next week, but explained to him how today was international Bereaved Mother's Day, a day where we pay tribute to all the mothers who have lost a child. He immediately said, "Well, you lost Julian, so today you can celebrate!"

‘Celebrate’ really isn't the word I would choose, but to a seven year old, it was a match of how he saw the day.

And so, he immediately dragged my husband downstairs to make something for me in honor of today. He woke up his brother to come join him on his creation and I could hear him talking up a storm downstairs, assigning everyone roles in what they were to do. There was so much excitement in his voice as he waited so eagerly to give me their heartfelt gifts.

When finished, he came upstairs, took my hand and told me it was time for me to now get out of bed, leading the way to show me what my precious guys had made.

There, stood three beautiful handmade mugs and three heartfelt cards in memory of their baby brother, my husband's son, our third child.

This is a Bereaved Mother's Day.

This is what it looks like to a seven and almost five year old. There were no tears of sadness, just pure moments of joy in remembering and honoring Julian. In finding a way to make their mommy smile through the tears of having a part of her heart missing.

So today, I wish a gentle Bereaved Mother's Day, to anyone who so heartbreakingly knows the pain of losing a child, at any age, at any gestation.

May we remind them all of their children by continuing to say their name and talk about them, today and every day.

My third son, my Julian, I will spend this day thinking of you, wondering about you, and wishing you were still here just as I have done since the moment you slipped away in our arms.

Hope you like the mugs as much as I do.

Thank you Dana Romano (@thelittlestbrother803) for sharing another piece of your story. This post was originally published here and shared with permission. You can find more from Dana on Facebook and on her blog.

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