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My Child, You Left With a Piece of Me

Image Credit: Stephanie (Anonymous)

There are no words to describe a loss of something that hadn’t had the chance to be

There are no words to explain the emptiness your absence has left within me

And the love I long to give.

I loved you so deeply,

And I was so careful

I had always wanted you

I can’t imagine my life without you.

Tears burn my eyes and sorrow chills my soul

I refuse to stop feeling this pain,

Because I don’t want to let you go.

I see you in the pained smile of your father

In his every breath and his desolate eyes

I see you in the sunlight that shines outside

I see you in the melting snow and blooming flowers,

In the soft smell of Spring

The wind reminds me of what you could have been

Clouds weep rain, as my heart weeps tears

You were not yet born

But you are everywhere.

You are in every breath I take

Every tear I cry

Every scream I stifle

Every beat of my breaking heart .

Physically you left with a piece of me,

And you may as well have,

As I will never be whole again

Your absence will forever haunt me.

My throat burns with the words I cannot share with you

My heart aches with the love that was meant for you

My arms are empty waiting to hold you

I am a mother that has lost her child

A child that hadn’t had a chance to be

But a child that meant the world to me.

This post was submitted by Stephanie (Anonymous) and shared with permission.

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