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We Vow to Keep Our Baby Boy's Memory Alive

Photo Credit: Vee Swanson

My husband and I struggled to conceive for six years.

We had been seeing a fertility doctor for two years and still didn’t have an explanation as to why we couldn’t conceive.

Later on, I found out one of my ovaries is undeveloped and the other one was blocked. I had surgery in July, 2020, to unblock my “good” ovary. But even after that, my chances of getting pregnant were slim due to having only one ovary.

My husband and I were tired of waiting for our baby so we decided we should just go straight to IVF!

In September, 2020, we were eight days away from starting our IVF treatment when we found out we were naturally pregnant. I was one month along! We were over the moon excited. We couldn't believe it! After years of trying we were finally going to be parents.

We found out we were having a baby boy and decided to name him Kingston.

In January, 2021, in the wee hours of the night, I woke up to use the restroom only to discover that I was bleeding heavily. I was twenty-two weeks pregnant.

We rushed to the hospital and doctors informed me that I was five centimeters dilated. They said my son would be born that day and he would not make it. My heart sank! In a matter of hours, contractions started and eventually became three minutes apart. Then, out of nowhere, everything stopped. The doctors were shocked.

We managed to keep my son in for an extra eight days, at which time he had to be delivered via emergency C-Section. He weighed one pound, four ounces. He was perfect!

Photo Credit: Vee Swanson

Kingston was with us for 40 days in the NICU. It was the best 40 days of my life! He fought so hard every day to be with us and left the BIGGEST imprint on our hearts.

He is our miracle baby. He made us parents and we vow to keep his memory alive by sharing his story.

Thank you Vee Swanson / @_VeeSwanson_ for sharing your story here. Shared with permission. #StrongLikeKingston #IncompetentCervix

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