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We Lost Our Baby Boy, But Know We'll See Him in Heaven

Photo Credit: Raechel Tomlinson

I am from Idaho, but was living in California with my mom because having a hyperemesis (HG) gravidarum is brutal, making it difficult to care for my other two children.

I have an at-home Doppler and couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat one night. I tried not to worry.

A week went by and when I woke up one morning, my stomach seemed much smaller.

I laid in bed and just knew I had lost my baby.

I went to get an ultrasound to confirm what I already knew.

“I am sorry, there is no heartbeat,” the tech said.

I went to my car to call my husband and tell him the heartbreaking news.

“Babe, I am so sorry. I lost the baby again.”

This was my fifth pregnancy. Three of them had been HG pregnancies, and I had only two living children.

My husband flew in that night and we made the fourteen-hour drive home the next day.

The following day, I went into the hospital to be induced and give birth to our sweet baby boy.

I went through full labor.

At seventeen weeks pregnant, I gave birth for the first time vaginally to our third boy. My other two boys were born via c-section.

Photo Credit: Raechel Tomlinson

We named him Reed. He was born at 11:21 p.m., weighed 2.7 ounces, and was 5.75 inches long.

I thought he had passed away due to how malnourished I get with HG. But he passed away because the cord had wrapped around his neck twice.

As we held him, we cried over our baby who was so loved even at seventeen weeks.

We felt his love and our Saviors love for him, and us. I know we will see him again and raise our baby in heaven.

This post and these images were submitted by Raechel Tomlinson / @immatomlinson1776 and shared with permission.

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