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Trisomy 13 Took the Baby We Wanted So Badly

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Photo submitted by Ileana Rice

In 2017, we faced the hardest decision of our lives. Our baby was diagnosed with Patau Syndrome, also called Trisomy 13, and incompatible with life outside the womb.

We travelled to the UK to terminate the pregnancy as abortion was still illegal at that time in Ireland.

When I was almost 26 weeks pregnant, Darragh Alessandro was stillborn on May 3, 2017. Our life changed completely after that. I started suffering from anxiety and am just starting to feel better now.

That pregnancy was so wanted and we will never forget our angel boy. He's going to be in our hearts forever.

Thank you @ileana_cascetti for sharing your story. Shared with permission. Find more about Ileana’s story here.


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