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I Will Make Sure My Baby's Name is Remembered

Photo Credit: Aimee Johncock

When I was 20 weeks pregnant with Rossie, a scan showed that our baby didn't have any fluid around him.

We were transferred to the hospital for a diagnosis scan and soon recieved the most heartbreaking news. Our baby had bilateral renal agenesis, a term I'd never heard of before, but it means that our baby had no kidneys. He wouldn't survive in the outside world! Our hearts broke. We conceived Rossie when our baby was only 6 months old. We tried for four years to conceive our son, so Rossie was a complete shock to us, but a happy one! I have had two healthy pregnancies so I never thought something like this would happen. Not to me, anyway.

At 24+4 weeks pregnant, we went to the hospital to have the injection. For two days I carried my sleeping baby around in my tummy, still looking and feeling very pregnant.

At 24+6 weeks pregnant, I gave birth to our most perfect beautiful boy! My heart hurts so much, my life has an empty space and my arms long to hold my baby boy. I'm hoping that after the funeral, I can start to properly grieve and find a way to live with this ache in my heart. I will forever talk about the baby we had. I will make sure his name is remembered and that his siblings know of the baby brother that looks over them in heaven. He will ALWAYS be our third baby.

Thank you @aimeelouise_xoxo for sharing your story. Shared with permission.

Pregnancy and infant loss can leave grieving parents feeling isolated and unsure how to navigate the heartbreaking circumstance of living without their precious baby. Unexpecting delicately helps grieving parents navigate the complexities and heartache of life after loss.

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