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I Had One Hour and Forty-Two Minutes With My Baby

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Photo Credit: Leah Terry

I was twenty-one weeks and two days pregnant with my first baby when I went to the hospital due to cramping and spotting.

An assessment was done and we discovered that I was four centimeters dilated. I was told my daughter would be here that very day, but my cervix abruptly stopped dilating. She didn't want to come.

But the next day, I was told I had an infection in my womb (chorioamnionitis) that wasn't going to get better unless I was induced. The infection could have spread to my blood stream and killed me.

I was willing to risk it all for my baby, Eden, but the infection levels miraculously went down by the following day. However, shortly after I was given that news, contractions started again, and this time they were stronger.

Eden Blessing was born at twenty-one weeks and five days. She had a heartbeat for one hour, forty-two minutes, even though the doctors said there would be no heartbeat when she was born.

Photo Credit: Leah Terry

I am thankful for the time I had with my baby girl and am so proud to be her mummy.

Thank you Leah Terry / @leahhsidhu for sharing your story and photos. Shared with permission.

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